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Good Gilmore Girls icons
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Your place to find good Gilmore Girls icons
About the community: Welcome to good_gilmore a community for high quality Gilmore Girls icons. To gain posting access you have to apply first. we're looking for creativity, uniqueness, great colouring & cropping, good texture and brush use, nice text skills and effects.


01: Friend the community first. Do not click the join community button. First apply, once you're accepted you'll be sent an invitation to join the community.
02: If you don't intend on posting icons there's no need to apply. All you have to do is watch the community.
03: No requests, we're here to post icons only.
04: Have respect for the icon makers and for the community. Please credit when asked, don't hotlink and don't alter.
05: Max 4 teasers please. Any more than 4 icons need to be placed under a lj-cut.
06: Finally,
apply here

Comment here to affiliate.